• Relatives & Friends becoming frustrated while talking with you during conversations
  • Turning up the TV to a volume level that disturbs others
  • Constantly asking others to repeat what they've said or thinking everyone mumbles
  • Avoiding social situations (restaurants, parties, etc) where its hard to understand people
  • Missing the beautiful sounds around us: a baby's laugh, your favorite song, your significant others' voice

Hearing loss can inhibit our ability to enjoy the world around us.  Hearing loss disrupts both the individual's and their family's quality of life.


  • Exposure to loud or constant noise
  • Inherited medical/genetic conditions
  • Illness or inner ear virus
  • Traumatic head injury
  • Ototoxic medications (strong antibiotics, chemotherapy medications, etc)

Most often hearing loss develops gradually/painlessly over several years that its not noticed by the individual until a moderate impairment exists.  Many times the family is well aware of the hearing loss long before the individual's acceptance of the loss.

Sudden-onset hearing loss can occur in an instant (through heard trauma or an inner ear virus) and is considered an emergency needing to be addressed by an Otolaryngologist/ENT physician.